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Teeth Whitening Gel and tray Kits

Teeth whitening is the procedure of whitening the color of teeth. The procedure has gained popularity in recent times as a way to boost confidence and improve appearance. Tooth whitening is commonly desired when teeth yellow over time due to prolonged staining, and is achieved by either altering the underlying or extrinsic (subvisible) color of the teeth's enamel. The whitening of teeth, which is done professionally, involves applying specialized Agoura Hills Dental Design solutions to the teeth, using procedures and equipment that are properly sterilized and tested for safety. The results are amazing with many people noticing a dramatic difference in their smile appearance immediately.


One of the biggest factors in teeth whitening that most people tend to forget is the role of brushing and flossing. Flossing after every meal and after every drink provides a barrier to build up plaque on the teeth and along the gum line. While most people think that it only needs to be done once a day, it is very important that you floss at least two times a day, preferably after each meal and after each drink. This helps remove all the food and sticky residues that can harbor dangerous particles like germs, bacteria and plaque.


Although there are now very advanced teeth bleaching products available that offer a quick fix, they are not meant for everyone. Many of these products have harsh chemicals and can harm your gums and mouth. For this reason it is very important that you consult your dentist for a teeth whitening procedure that is right for you. If you want a natural looking smile then you will have to consider other options such as porcelain veneers or teeth implants that can help give you that Hollywood smile.


Home teeth whitening kits contain peroxide based solutions that are applied with a custom tray by your dentist. The trays are fitted to your teeth and held firmly in place with teeth cement. The peroxide is able to reach deep down between the layers of enamel to bleach your teeth and cause them to become whiter. These products have been approved by the ADA and are considered by dentists to be safe to use. Check out this website at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/braces-orthodontics/ for more info about dentist.


You may also consider a custom-made tray, which has a more aggressive formula of peroxide. A custom-made tray can work with more sensitive teeth than a standard at-home bleaching kit. At the same time, this type of kit works better with less sensitive teeth. The best way to see if it would be good for you is to have your teeth professionally cleaned by your dentist. From there you can decide if a at home bleaching kit would be better suited to your needs.


The most effective teeth whitening agents are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. Both of these products have proven to be highly effective in whitening the teeth. However, the carbamide peroxide is the more effective of the two because of how quickly it works on the stains. When hydrogen peroxide reacts with hydrogen the teeth stain becomes lighter, whiter and brighter in appearance. Hydrogen peroxide, however, will not change the natural color of your teeth if they are already white.